The UK Whippet Breed Council

14th March 2018:

Breed Council Meeting:

The next Whippet Breed Council Meeting will take place on Sunday 29th July at 11.00am
at The Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton On Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3FL.

The Agenda and minutes of the previous BC meeting will be circulated to the Breed Clubs prior to the meeting.

Breed Club members are welcome as spectators at a Breed Council meetings.

Russell Sykes, Sec. Whippet Breed Council

30th January 2018:

Chairman’s Address:

On Sunday 28th January 2018, at the Annual Meeting,
I was privileged to take up the office of Chairman of the Whippet Breed Council.

The council’s objectives, in essence, through the constitution is to uphold the Breed Standard,
to encourage the clubs to promote and assist those who wish to further their knowledge
and to liaise with the Kennel Club General Committee.

The Breed Council is not a secret ‘Old Boys Club’ and no special handshakes are required to gain entry to the meeting rooms.

Those who DO attend on behalf of their club, are volunteers, usually receiving no financial reimbursement for their time and travel, their only reward is knowing that they are ‘doing their bit’ for the breed we love.

The Kennel Club’s new Judges Competency Framework will be gradually eased into effect over the coming years and we will see changes in the way judges are trained and qualify for future appointments.
This will be a busy time as these processes develop and the JCF becomes more familiar
to both the Breed Council and the breed clubs.

The constitution states that any full member of a breed club may attend meetings as observers and I would like to openly invite anyone who would like to see and hear what is discussed at meetings to contact
either myself, or the Secretary Russell Sykes.

The meetings can be very interesting and, who knows, you may even decide you would like to roll up your sleeves and ‘Get Stuck In’!!

We look forward to seeing you or, better still, getting you involved!

Ann Beckett-Bradshaw (Chairman)

A synopsis of the recent Jan 2018 Breed Council meetings from our Chairman Mrs Ann Beckett-Bradshaw...


Almost 20 whippet enthusiasts attended the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Whippet Breed Council. An excellent turn out with a wonderful vibrant atmosphere.

Business was fairly standard and there was no controversy regarding the items on the agenda, most of which were concluding the business from the previous year. The Vice Chairman Ian Halbert had ‘taken up the reins’ later in 2017 to hold the fort until the elections at this very meeting. Due to the fact that Russell Sykes was standing for election, Ian was resigning from his post, as the Breed Council constitution allows only one officer from any one club to serve (as an officer) on the Breed Council. Russell had been acting secretary through the latter part of 2017 and had arranged both the Annual and ‘ordinary’ meetings

The treasurer Molly Head gave a financial report which indicated that the Breed Council was at least ‘In the Black’.
The council then moved on to the elections of Chairman, Secretary, Vice Chairman and Health co-ordinator. There had been no nominations for the latter two positions and unfortunately, due to a technicality, there was no requirement for a ballot. As a result Ann Beckett-Bradshaw and Russell Sykes were elected as Chairman and Secretary respectively.

The council then discussed subscriptions – often a contentious issue, but the council agreed that they should remain as they were.

Business was closed fairly quickly and the council then moved on to the next (ordinary) meeting.

Ann Beckett-Bradshaw began the meeting as the new chairman and again business was uncontroversial.
One of the clubs had asked for the issue of Merle colouration and ‘wall’ eyes to be an agenda item at the meeting and how the Breed Council would protect whippets from this potential threat to the purity and health of the breed. There was an extensive discussion with several suggestions on how to approach the Kennel Club and make use of their vast experience.

Whippet of the Year was discussed and some potential changes were suggested. Volunteers are hard to come by for these special events and it usually falls to a small nucleus of people to stage the event which always seems to be both well received and successful.

The Judges Competency Framework was another topic which required quite some discussion and how this will alter the education of future judges. The Kennel Club have requested that a JCF Breed Education Officer be appointed and the Council have requested that the clubs provide names of those considered to be both competent and qualified to undertake the role. Names for submission are to be sent to the secretary by 28th February 2018.

The whippet video for the Kennel Club Academy has been sponsored and is expected to be filmed in the near future.

The Breed Council website will be having a re-vamp and hopefully more information will be available soon.
The next ordinary meeting is scheduled for July and anyone who would like to attend as an observer, must be a member of a whippet breed club and notify either the Breed Council Chairman or the Secretary of their intention to attend.

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